11.17.17:  Vibes After Dark x Newark Radio Co-Op Launch Party



PHOTOS by @Sirm00re

Sir Moore is an artist, photo journalist, father and activist in New Jersey. As the co-founder of a non profit organization named "Care More", founder of "Docyouments" Journal Magazine, music artist and active member of Black Lives Matter: Paterson we were honored to have him in attendance to document the night market experience on 11.17.


Photos by @hennyxharmon

Henny Harmon is an artist with a focus in photography, ceramics and whatever else she puts her mind to. One of her most notable body of works is a photo series called "AMANZI" in which she explores underwater photography. She is also the co-founder of a newark based comic book club called "Interdimensional Travelers".


Video by @donteze

Dante Laughlin is an artist and founder of #UCYPHE; a family of creatives making a positive impact on the community. From organizing community clean-ups, cook outs, events and more we are grateful to have Dante's support!